Have You Found a New Use for Old Cabinets?

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Renovating a home can produce a lot of waste: Cabinets get removed, tile backsplashes pulled down, countertops swapped out. But with a little forethought, all that material can get a new life — whether in your home or someone else’s. 

Salvaged goods.
This space is in a weekend home for a Silicon Valley, California, family that earned LEED Platinum status. Among its green features is the vanity cabinet, which is salvaged. The sink, faucet, slate countertop and mirror are also salvaged.

An antique treasure for bath linens.
This cabinet is definitely being reused. It’s actually an antique from the Aberfoyle Antique Market in Ontario, Canada, according to Miriam Manzo, an interior designer. 

From drapery shop to private home.
The cabinets in this bedroom were purchased in a market in France, and came from an old drapery shop. Have you used cabinets in a different way than they were originally used?

Author: Erin Carlyle Houzz Editorial Staff.

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