Redecorating is child's play

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Decorating is an enjoyable part of owning a home, we focus on sprucing up a child's room and share various ideas and tips with readers.

It's said that children enjoy spending more time in their bedroom when rooms are appealing and comfortable. If your child is old enough encourage them to choose their own theme and colour combination. By including your child's ideas their creative side is stimulated while their own choice of accessories will reflect parts of their character in their bedroom.

It's important to decide upfront what is required in their bedroom, taking the size of the room, their age, needs and current belongings into consideration. Sometimes a lick of paint, a few extra toy boxes, shelves or a picture or two can make a huge difference in a child's room.

If you are not planning on redecorating your child's room each year, a character theme is not always a good idea. As boys grow up they tend to change from their favourite cartoon or action hero, to sport, cars or motorbikes. Girls often step out of one fantasy theme right into another. Should you or your child not be certain of what you would like to do in the room, magazines and online sites are great avenues to look at for different ideas.If you are not able to paint the bedroom walls or hang pictures consider decals that you can peel-and-stick onto the walls, this application is a great temporary decorating feature. New loose carpets, mats, bedding and curtains can also quickly add a fresh, new feel to your child's room.

Should your children share a bedroom, allow them to each decorate their half of the room according to their own preferences and choices. Bunk beds are great space savers but children can soon grow tired of them, bunks that can convert to single beds at a later stage, are a better choice.

Think about maximising space by rearranging furniture against the wall. This helps to open up the floor space for playing with toys, or older children can entertain or play games with their friends on the floor, with the comfort of scatter cushions, pillows or bolsters.

If your child is young, rearrange and adjust cupboards and draws so they can easily find their clothes themselves. Labelling draws helps a child remember what goes where and draws are ideal for underwear, socks and accessories.

Keep in mind that it's not about having the room kept in perfect condition, it is about functionality and how your child prefers being comfortable in their bedroom's space. Redecorating is a great way to get creative and have fun together.


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