Western Cape Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl is set to take centre stage in the 2015 property market

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Whilst the entire Western Cape has started to enjoy the gradual improvement of the economy, the Atlantic Seaboard has well and truly taken centre stage. If you lived in this part of the Western Cape you could be tricked into thinking you were in 2007. Major property developers have been the first to seize this opportunity, however, this is such an opportune time for home owners and educated buyers to take advantage of the market. 

The Atlantic Seaboard is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live in South Africa. If you have a property here and you want to sell, now is possibly a better time than ever. Buyers are prepared to pay top dollar to get their dream property.  If you are thinking about selling, it is very important that one understands to make sure their home is in the best possible condition. It is worthwhile spending a bit of money on your property in this market before selling. You could get that money back a few times over, if you are prepared to market your property correctly. However, it will all come down to setting the perfect scene when that buyer walks through the door. It is vital in this market to have an agent who is willing to go the extra mile when marketing your property. This can be the difference between having one interested buyer or multiple buyers competing for your property. 

From a buyer’s perspective, it is an opportune time to get in on the action.  We are seeing buyers purchasing property and re-selling it with a very quick turn-around time with very good profit margins. Buyers looking to purchase and live in the prospective property get to enjoy constant upliftment and rejuvenation of the area.

On the whole, the property market on the Atlantic Seaboard is extremely healthy and ready for a new generation of buyers and sellers to seize the moment and take ownership of this rare opportunity in the South African market.


Author: Nick Pearson

Submitted 05 Aug 15 / Views 2960