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Colour plays an an important part in our home and as we approach the new season of Autumn we will notuce a new intensity of colour radiating around us. Home Inspirations looks at the different colour combinations you can include inside for the approaching colder months.

We say goodbye to oversized botanicals and welcome in down-to-earth shades with the emphasis on grey colours, blended with warm browns and soft greens. Think of different mushroom greys, hunter greens and woody shades of brown.

These colours call all be ebautifully enhanced with pops of Living Coral- this year's Pantone Colour of the Year.

introduce new colours into your spaces by switching lighter fabrics for heavier ones. Deeper colours and heavier fabrics will feel warner and hold more cold air out of the room.

Wood instantly gives warmth to an interior, whether it is a piece of furniture, a wooden floor or even a wall of wood.

Change colour choices in living spaces with curtains, slipcovers, throws, pillows, lights, rugs, wooden tables, side stands, picture frames and ornaments. A touch of glass, like a glass pillar candle holder, can add a classic touch to natural earthy colours.

New wall decor trends see paitings gradually give way to hanging textile tapestries. geometric patterns in autumn colours look great on wall hangings.

These patterns and colours can also be repeated on cushions for a beautiful overall effect.

Greenery, last year's colour of the Year, is still huge in home decorating. Whether you go for faux or natural decor, look out for leaves, ivy, ferns and shrubs for fresh and natural ways to bring green into your house.

Although trends are a source of inspriation and can servce as a guide when you want to redecorate your home, trust yourself. Your personal touches make your area unique so be inspired by autumn colours, patterns and nature. Dont be afraid to use objects that are valuable to you or simply make you feel something.

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