The Majestic Chilean Patagonia

Picture standing on top of a mountain, overlooking the Chilean countryside: a mountain river coursing through its hills, the native forests springing with life, and a farm of pure, organic plants decorating each side of the river.
In the middle of all this stands a comfortable home, surrounded by one of the most impressive vistas imaginable. This dream home is not just make believe, it can be a reality. The Communites of Pata Rio Futaleufú and Pata Rio Azul, are where dreams really do come true. THE PATA RIO FUTALEUFÚ COMMUNITY (1 lot available) On one side, you will find 2.5km of river, and beaches with calm waters, clear and blue. On the other side, organic plantations with more than 10 types of fruit, besides the native forests, that cover almost half of the farmland. And, surrounding it all is a panoramic view of snow-capped mountains. Such is Pata Rio Futaleufu, a community of 102 hectares and 17 lots of 10000m², in the heart of the Chilean Andes. THE PATA RIO AZUL COMMUNITY (18 lots available)
There are quite a few attractions in Pata Rio Azul, our second community in Chilean Patagonia. With a 360 ° panorama of the imposing snowy mountain range of Las Monjas, the community has 2 pure mountain rivers from the Andes overlooking a waterfall of nearly 200 meters. There are 380 hectares of forests, waterfalls, lakes, trails, even a glacier, and a large area for organic farming and pasture for herding sheep. The Pata Rio Azul is divided in 28 lots, ideal for families and investors who want a piece of land in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.
The village Futaleufú is the capital of South American white water sports. One of the top 10 rivers in the world for practicing rafting and kayaking is located there. The same river that runs past the Pata Rio Futaleufu community. During the summer, with temperatures reaching around 30°C, it's time for these water sports, as well as stand up paddling, biking, horseback riding, climbing and canyoning.The Pata communities are approximately 1 hour from the ski station of La Hoya and the fjords of the Pacific Ocean. They are also located nearby the Pumalín Park and the Park Alerce Andino Park, two major tourist spots in Patagonia.
Both communities are 15-minutes from Futaleufú, a small and charming village in the middle of the Chilean Andes, with restaurants, luxury hotels, a hospital, a school, a bank and all regular infrastructure. Futaleufú may be reached via the flights Buenos Aires-Esquel, the fastest way, Santiago-Puerto Montt, or even via Bariloche, if arriving by car.
In the Pata communities, everything is designed to be aesthetic, organic and integrated into the landscape. Bringing together the most qualified specialists in each area and the best suppliers, the Pata team brings quality to all stages of development, including buildings, internal infrastructure, crops and landscape design. Some of the main concerns are the subdivision of lots in ideal number to maintain exclusivity, and privacy in relation to all neighbors. Upon request, Pata will also develop the home design and oversee the work.


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